Mosquito repellent – better way

All Go Out …. Mosquitoes

With the rise in mosquito borne diseases affecting huge population, its very important to take proper measures to prevent from bites.

Have you ever wondered why the mosquitoes are more fond of some people specifically? At this point, lets see some scientific reasons behind. Mosquitoes are mostly attracted to the blood and sweat type which emits particular odor. Bacteria, lactic acid, ammonia, carbon dioxide etc are present in sweat and breath. The more you emit, the more mosquitoes are attracted. it’s specially the old sweat not fresh one. Thus its advisable to have a bath after returning from work.

There are many chemical mosquito repellents available in market but then you may not like to cover yourself or inhale those harsh chemicals to repel them because most of them are in simple words ‘pesticides’. Though these repellents try putting the mosquitoes away, somewhere we are concerned even about the health hazards due to the contents like DEET, permethrin specially when you have kids and very elderly ones at home.  So lets make a trip trying to find some solutions naturally which are mild and good for us and bad to the mosquitoes.



Camphor strikes first when we think of a natural repellent and it  really worked good to me. Its been in indian tradition since ages to use camphor for prayers in a way puts away the insects and mosquitoes. Apart from giving good aroma, its even a bronchodilator which helps in easy breathing. The same camphor is some how intolerable to mosquitoes. Place 4  pieces of camphor on different corners of the room where mosquitoes seem to love to stay. Leave them there and they will evaporate in a day or so. You can also put them in a small bowl of water by slightly crushing it. Place the bowl in a corner of the room.


Essential Oil Spray:


Essential oils are one of the most effective ways to get rid of mosquitoes is by making your own bug spray with essential oils. Essential oils have lovely aromas which are adversely hated by mosquitoes. These can be made by mixing around 10 – 15 drops of any of these essential oils with distilled water say 200 ml in a spray bottle. These can even be directly applied to skin while going out by mixing it with some oil base in 1:3 proportion. You can adjust it as per your tolerance. Though it can be used on skin to kids above 2 years, it is always advisable to check for any allergic tendency by patch test.

  • Lemon Eucalyptus
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender
  • Neem
  • Citronella
  • clove

you can even mix two of the essential oils say neem and citronella or you can even mix it with camphor. My favorite mix is neem and camphor powder. Neem is very good anti infective too. If you are someone with hectic schedule and don’t find time for these interesting preparation, you can head with readily available natural repellents in market. Just make sure of the composition though.

Mosquito racket:


One of the good way to put them off completely! It would be a good exercise to you too. Do it with your kid and trust me it will be fun. These electric racket kills the mosquitoes instantly just you need to play hide and seek with them a bit.

Mosquito nets:


No doubt these are the best way to keep mosquitoes away at night and have a safe and peaceful sleep. Make it mandatory to use them especially for pregnant and infants.


Mosquito Repellent Plants


There are many plants which repel mosquitoes. In india easily available are holy Tulsi, lemongrass, mint and marigold. Thyme and rosemary are also effective and they can be used by burning little inside home to spread fumes within. Thenyou maynot like to have a fumy home! Best is grow these plants in garden or in your veranda. Mosquitoes will think twice before it enters. Go green…. Just enjoy cooking and same time put mosquitoes at distance.


The most important way to keep mosquitoes out is to keep them OUT!  Wear long sleeved clothes and full pants to keep arms and legs safe. have a bath as you return from work or workout. Close windows and doors in the early evening which is when mosquitoes tend to enter in. Use a mosquito net at night, especially over babies’ cots and kids’ beds. Always have at least two options to deal with them. In heavy and endemic areas you just cant rely on one method. Along with usage of essential oil, mosquito net or racket becomes mandatory.



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